The Academy currently offers the following types of membership:

Foundation memberships are available to to Fellows of RACP prior to the official launch on 1st - 2nd March 2018. A foundation member gains early membership to the Academy and will be registered until June 2019 (2 years + membership). Joining as a Foundation member is a way to practically demonstrate support for the Academy and help ensure its success until it is more fully established.

Ordinary memberships are available to Fellows of the RACP or equivalent with recognition to practise as a paediatrician in Australia or New Zealand.

Associate Memberships re available to Basic Trainee or Advanced Trainees in Paediatrics (as defined by RACP) and registered health care professionals practising in the field of Child and Youth Health, or in an associated field of medicine, health care or research but who does not otherwise meet the membership criteria;

Retired Memberships are available to current or former Members who have completely retired from active clinical practice; or retired Fellows of the RACP or equivalent who held accreditation to practise as a paediatrician in Australia or New Zealand;

Overseas Associate Membership are available to individuals who resides outside of Australia and New Zealand and are registered to practice as a paediatrician by a recognised overseas medical authority


The cost of a foundation membership is $1000 and confers membership until 30 June 2019.
Ordinary membership is  $350 per year (due 30th June) and Associate $110. Membership fees for the remainder of the 2017/18 year will be charged on a pro-rata basis of 50%.

Professional membership fees are fully tax deductible.

To discuss  membership further, call Andrea Lloyd, executive officer on 0408 523 900 or email via the link at the top of the page.


Foundation Members

The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health Board wishes to express gratitude to the following people who have chosen to support the Academy by becoming a foundation member:

Kevin Forsyth
Preggie Nair
Jill Sewell
Raewyn Mutch
Chris J Elliot
Gavin Wheaton
Michael T Gabbett
Katrina Williams
Tony Prado
Kathryn Browning Carmo
Luke Jardine
Gervase Chaney
Jenny Proimos
Susie Gibb
Susan Woolfenden
Kim Oates
Catherine Wiles
Richard Roylance
Paul Colditz
Dinah Reddihough
Ajay Kevat
Susan Maloney
Gillian Watterson
Martina Moorkamp
Anthea Rhodes
Michael Gattas
Matthew Scholar
Samantha Kaiser
Elizabeth Elliot
Graham Vimpani
Julie Adamson
Christopher Ingall

Hasantha Gunasekera
Anthony Chitti
Peter Procopis
Hong Du
Frank Oberklaid
Sarah Cherian
Janine Spencer
Jacqueline Small
Ken Peacock
Julie Curtin
Brian Coppin
David Thomas
Gareth Baynam
David Everett
Andrew Kelly
Noha Soliman
Arno Ebner
Joseph Khouri
Louise Baur
David Levitt
Scott Sypek
Katherine Thomson Bowe
Martin Wright
Graeme Barnes
Michelle Telfer
Nicolas Cheng
Sarah Dalton
Carl Orkin
Michael Gattas
John Christodoulou
Christina Boros

Terms and Conditions

Membership of the Academy of Child and Adolescent Health is available upon completion of the relevant membership form and payment of the requisite membership fee.

Members agree to be bound by the terms of the governing constitution; available for viewing here 

Memberships renewals fall due on 30th June each year. 

Cancellation of Membership

Membership may be cancelled at any time by contacting the Executive Officer in writing by email.