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The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health (ACAH)
promotes the health and wellbeing of every newborn,
child and young person in order that they may meet
their maximum potential.
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Please sign this petition to support the release of children from immigration detention.

Thursday 10th December 2020 is the United Nations Human Rights Day. We urge the Federal Government to release the children who remain in Immigration detention, including the 3 year old and 5 year old who have been held on Christmas Island for over 1000 days.

ACAH 2021 Webinar Series

The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health is a fledgling body, and very much trying to grow our organisation to bring you more of these high-quality events. You can view this event for free by selecting $0 when registering. However, if you are able to contribute, please pay what you can. Every ticket helps. Or, you can make a donation of any value at checkout.

Your funds give us the vital support to continue with advocacy, network-building, and provision of events to continue advancing the wellbeing of Australia’s children and young people.

The Academy is excited to have Professor Stanley contributing to our Webinar series. Fiona has had a significant impact on child and adolescent health in Australia. She was the founding director of the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth and the Chairperson of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). The President of the Academy, Jenny Proimos will moderate this QandA session covering Fiona’s work with Doctors for the Environment Australia, the Australian National Development Index and questions from the audience.

Professor Fiona Stanley AC

Kelvin is an amazing Australian and part of Australian medical history as the first Aboriginal surgeon, other than the tens of thousands of years of Ngangkari healers. He is one of Australia’s leading ear health experts as part of the Centre of Research Excellence in Indigenous Children’s Healthy Ears and the Australian delegation to the WHO World Hearing Forum. Hear about his journey, his work and the current innovations in ear health in Australia.

A/Professor Kelvin Kong

The Academy is

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adolescent healthcare professionals in
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A vehicle for mentoring opportunities and
research links as well as for best practice
education and training.

An innovative platform for healthcare professionals to advocate for the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in our region.