Academy of Child & Adolescent Health

The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health (ACAH)
promotes the health and wellbeing of every newborn,
child and young person in order that they may meet
their maximum potential.
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ACAH 2021 Webinar Series

The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health is excited to give members and non-members access to high-quality and practical webinars. As a not-for-profit, your registrations and membership dues enable us to continue our advocacy, network-building and provision of educational events to advance the wellbeing of all of Australia’s children and young people.
ACAH primary care webinars

The Academy is

A leading organisation for child and
adolescent healthcare professionals in
our region to network and collaborate.

A vehicle for mentoring opportunities and
research links as well as for best practice
education and training.

An innovative platform for healthcare professionals to advocate for the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in our region.