The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health
Dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of every newborn, child and young person in order that
they may reach their maximum potential. The Academy intends to achieve this by:
The provision of education for healthcare professionals in the support of evidence based practice & fostering the highest standards of training, practice, teaching and research in child and youth healthcare
Promotion of strategies to increase the effectiveness of care delivered to children, young people and their families to help improve outcomes, advocating for children, youth and their families in matters relating to their health and well-being
Effective communication and liaison with other health agencies to build positive relationships with other child and adolescent health care providers. Promoting preventive and positive environmental health strategies and support for the role of diverse families in the care of children
Our Story
The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health incorporated in December 2016 as a not for profit, limited by guarantee company. This process was led by a working group, the inaugural Board, consisting of five paediatricians from around Australia supported by a part- time executive officer. A constitution was drafted and with legal support went through numerous drafts and a final copy has been placed on this site. The aim was to create an organisation that was very broad and encompassed the varied needs of newborns, children and young people and was able to support the clinicians and others who were working to meet their needs. The first AGM was held on 11th October 2017 with the election of an ongoing governing executive.

Ordinary memberships

Ordinary memberships are available to Fellows of the RACP or equivalent with recognition to practise as a paediatrician in Australia or New Zealand...

Foundation memberships

Foundation memberships are available to to Fellows of RACP prior to the official launch on 1st – 2nd March 2018. A foundation member gains early...

Associate Memberships

Associate Memberships are available to Basic Trainee or Advanced Trainees in Paediatrics (as defined by RACP) and registered health care professionals...

Retired Memberships

Retired Memberships are available to current or former Members who have completely retired from active clinical practice; or retired Fellows of the R...

Overseas Associate Membership

Overseas Associate Membership are available to individuals who resides outside of Australia and New Zealand and are registered to practice as a paedi...